Fall & Winter 2018

Room # 105

The Book of Joshua records a key period in the outworking of God's plan to redeem his people from slavery in Egypt. At God's command and under Joshua's leadership, the nation of Israel invades Canaan - the land God had promised his people.

This study will offer rich insights into the book's overarching story of salvation and the ultimate rest offered to all who trust in Christ for salvation - helping them apply its message to their lives today.

Teachers: John Allen/Ward Bennett

Fall & Winter 2018

Room # 102

It used to take weeks of travel by boat to see the world. Then came the invention of the plane, cutting those trips down to hours. These days, it might only take a walk around the block. In many neighborhoods, it's not unlikely to run into people from another country at the supermarket or find them living next door. 

The world is here.

As a Christian, you might feel a little intimidated and confused by beliefs that seem so different from your own. We'd like to help calm your fears and clear up the confusion with this class on World Religions.

Teachers: John Anderson/Todd Johnson

Fall 2018

Room # 103

New to Oak Grove Church? Do you want to connect on a deeper level? Maybe you simply want to learn more about Oak Grove Church. Join us for a 4 week series to learn about Oak Grove Church and our various ministries.

Teachers: Brad Little