I love superheroes! When I was a kid my brother and I would read comics at the library for hours. We would even dress up as our favorite characters and reenact our favorite stories. I even made sure my mom only bought me black and red underwear to wear on the outside of my pants. Fortunately, superheroes have entered the 21stcentury and realized it is not cool to wear your underwear on the outside of your pants anymore.

I enjoy that I can pass on my love of superheroes to Lincoln, Jaxson and someday Rylan; they don’t get a choice in this! We are currently watching our way through the Marvel universe and we just finished up Dr. Strange with Spiderman next in the que. The conversations that we have regarding what is real and what is not real are priceless to me. I love seeing them act out and dress as their favorite heroes as I once did. I love wrestling with them as they attempt to get the “bad guy” aka Daddy!

Why are we as a culture so fascinated with superheroes? Some of the top grossing movies of all time feature superheroes. The majority of stores have some sort of superhero merchandise. App and gaming stores are full of various superhero themed games. We cannot get enough of these fantasy worlds! There are many reasons behind our cultures affinity with superheroes but in my opinion the most significant contributor, for men at least, is the desire to be the hero.

It is the very nature of man to be the protector! To forge ahead into battle to save the world or at least the ones we love. To make a positive impact on humanity, to leave a lasting legacy that echoes through the ages.

Unfortunately, our desire to protect and save gets distorted like everything else because of sin. We miss our opportunity to truly be the hero, to save the world from pending doom. The end of the world as we know it is coming, lines will be drawn, battles of epic proportions will ravage this earth. The bad guys will fall, and the good guys will emerge as champions. Sounds like the plot to every superhero movie but the book of Revelation had the copyright on this story before ever making to the big screen.

If you wear the symbol of the Eternal King, you have been given the task to save humanity before the end comes. It is our Royal duty to advance the Kingdom.

It’s not wrong to enjoy movies, comics and games but they can render us useless if we are not careful. Instead of losing ourselves in fantasies and make believe let us immerse our lives into reality. Each one of us has the ability to be the hero and save the world. God’s plan of redemption is to use you and me. We are members of His Justice League, His Avengers!

Let’s go save some people before it is too late!

Pastor Josh