January 19, 2015


BABY NURSERY (0-24 months of age)

Loving care and prayer characterize this room.

Infants are cuddled, played with and rocked in rocking chairs. This nursery offers a napping area, infant swings, age-appropriate toys, and safe space for exploration. Caregivers pray individually and together for your child.

Young Toddlers: The morning activities include quiet supervised play, interaction with children through reading books, singing, cuddling, as well as large and small muscle activity. A snack of cheerios and water is given. Caregivers model prayer by praying with and for the children.


TODDLER NURSERY (24-36 months of age)

The morning activities include quiet supervised free play. This play consists of activities using such toys and activities as puzzles, blocks, coloring, play dough and the reading of books. A snack of crackers and water is given.



Our vision is that for generations to come the lives of children and adults who are connected with Oak Grove Church will be shaped by God, and that Jesus Christ will be their greatest Treasure forever.

  • That Oak Grove Church parents feel well-equipped, encouraged and well-supported as they raise their children for Christ.
  • That parents take advantage of available opportunities for training, service and support in their calling to “build up” the body of Christ.
  • That weekly volunteers labor side by side, investing their gifts in complementary ways that give strength to the whole.
  • That Spirit-led nursery caregivers pray continually and specifically for God’s redemption and spiritual growth in the lives of our little ones.
  • That nursery caregivers persevere in the teaching and modeling of Biblical truths.
  • That the Word of God dwell richly in our children’s hearts and not merely in their heads.
  • That our children (and our children’s children) live with the peace of Christ in their hearts so that whatever they do, whether in word or deed, they may do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to the Father, bearing fruit in every good work and leading many people to Christ Jesus. (Colossians 3:17)